WMF President's Message

WMF President message

Dear minifootballers,

Minifootball is undoubtedly a progressively growing sport that brings people together and gives them a sense of belonging. It’s an amateur sport for everyone, regardless of age, sex, vitality and social status. Minifootball is also a suitable product of social inclusion of ethnic minorities and socially disadvantaged individuals. Among other things it eliminates the idea of cultural differences and it doesn’t distinguish the color of skin, but the color of the jerseys.  Minifootball is also a tool for crime prevention.

It should also be noted that minifootball connects cultures of individual communities to such an extent that their differences are totally forgotten and they are united to one interest, which in this case – is minifootball. I am glad that minifootball events connect people and they build bridges of tolerance. I am aware that minifootball alone does not solve all problems, but thanks to it the society will at least be aware that there are ways to understand differences and tolerate them.

We are all with the same color of blood. However, if someone does not belong to the majority population, for this person it is generally difficult to integrate into a society that is often driven by incorrect preconceptions and prejudice. Therefore I am glad that minifootball helps to burn this intolerance.

Personally, minifootball is a heart matter since 1998 when I started organizing the first official minifootball competition. I have always been convinced that my home is where my “heart” beats. The “heart” of minifootball beats on all inhabited continents. Therefore whether I am in Europe or on another continent, thanks to this sport I feel everywhere as at home.

Filip Juda

WMF President

Contact: info@minifootball.com

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